Thursday, October 16

Pro Tools!

Thee speaking: So I made a huge purchase @ Guitar Center and brought the studio home. An Mbox interface for the mic, and PRO TOOLS! The problem is... MY CRAPPY COMPUTER. I need to find a way to "expand the firewire bandwidth" because the "DAE is too slow." It let me create 2 songs and then it stopped. WTH? I dunno but i need some help. Bout to do some troubleshooting.

I haven't been on here in a min huh? Well we've been busy working on this mixtape for you. I want it to look and sound perfect. I can't just give you hot fiery crap because humans are very hard to please. It will be FIRE but it won't be fiery crap trust. Speaking of FIRE we will have the opportunity of working with other new artist.

KID 80

Please check out these artist, bless their pages, show love, add them, comment. WEE are hella pumped about these projects. Can't wait! Sadly I'm bout to cut this brief I am a lot under the weather, I wish I could be over the weather...

Space IS the place, Ask David Bowie.