Saturday, October 11

Frying Catfish @ 130 am!

Yummy! THEE speaking(again): I've been contemplating this meal for like 3 days but never had time to make it. YAY! (it was bomb) Ummm, I finally found my camera cord so I will be posting pictures so much has happened. Where do I start???

Sat and I will be getting tatted tomorrow I'm getting "My Queen" on my arm. I think Sat is going to get the Michael Jackson symbol. Hella dope, we're excited about an amazing Saturday. Start it off with some hot chocolate and cartoons, then go shappin at southcenter, tatted, then off to Girl 4 Girl. CRACKIN!

So, I took this picture outside of the NERD concert. Sat saw Muhsinah going backstage and she called her out, she came outside and we chopped it up for a sec. She's a sweety! GO MUHSINAH WEE LOVE YOU!

WEE love our bubble tea. We switch off flavors between the "Strawberry Milk Tea with Lychee Jelly" and the "Banana Milkshake with extra Tapioca" dat boy gewd.

Took this picture at a show we did, I thought it was amazing. I've never seen this being done before without hearing "No homo" before it. Hah when I was in Africa I would see two brothas walking down the street holding hands but they were all just friends. It was awesome. I guess the love was lost somewhere in between here and there.

Danny on the Pianny. WEE were blessed with an appearance by Jasmine and Karis and wee had a HUGE music sharing party. Danny brought a crate of his father's old CDs. Hella ripping occurred. We shared and listened to music for HOURS. I have so much music now that I can hardly sleep. I wake up singing. Holla.

Here's the crate of Danny's CD"s and that's not even all.

Lastly, Sat and I have started the stretching process for our earlobes with hopes of stretching all the way to 2. I have in a 12, she's got the 16's LET's GO! Tomorrow should be fun. There will be pics ta boot. Also check out our myspace I had some fun with photoshop. Goodnight humans.

Space is the PLACE!

lovely and warmly,