Wednesday, March 20

Black Weirdo of the Week 7: Jade Foster

Photo Credit: Be Steady

Jade Foster

Southeast, DC

Mini Bio: 
I teach. Went to undergrad at Sarah Lawrence, and dropped out of grad school... twice.  As a writer, I've been published in a few magazines, featured on web series such as "The Peculiar Kind". 
I also produce a national poetry tour called THE REVIVAL. The only thing 
that matters though is that I love GOD more and more everyday.

What is your craft/career/creative expression? 
I'm a writer. I'm a servant. I'm just tryna do what I'm told.

How long have you been working at your craft? 
I've been reading and writing since I was like 3. My dad was locked up for a long time and that's how we talked. Ummm... wrote/shared my first poem at a funeral when I was 7. I've read a lot of poems at funerals. So yeah, I don't know, I've been writing a long time. 
Why do you consider yourself a Black Weirdo? 
BLACK has room for every color, every moment, every memory. Sometimes I get tricked and think I'm one of the few who thinks it's  beautiful. But I know it's more of me, than it is of them. 
Weirdos don't believe the hype.
Links/Social Media: 
Upcoming events/ projects?
Co-creating a narrative web series called FAMILY. We held a casting call last month. And in the meantime I'm working to cultivate a culture of arts patronage and capacity building for creatives of color.
Why We Love Jade Foster:

Jade is an amazing woman with a real eye for talent. She takes time to showcase her peers
within her project "THE REVIVAL". She is a long time THEESat supporter and has been spreading
our music around since 2009. With her passion and work ethic, it's hard 
not to love Jade and all that she provides.