Wednesday, March 13

Black Weirdo of the Week 6: Kimberly Drew

Kimberly Drew

Orange, NJ

Mini Bio
Kimberly Drew received her B.A. from Smith College in Art History and African-American Studies, with a concentration in Museum Studies. An avid lover of black culture and art, Kimberly first experienced the art world as an intern in the Director’s Office of the Studio Museum in Harlem. 
Her time at the Studio Museum inspired her to start the Tumblr blog Black 
Contemporary Art, sparking her interest in social media. 

What is your craft/career/creative expression? 
 Full time I'm a marketing assistant for Hyperallergic/Nectar Ads. Even fuller time I founded the tumblr blog Black Contemporary Art.

How long have you been working at your craft? 
I've been doing social media since Mark Zuckerburg let us high schoolers join the book in '05. 

Why do you consider yourself a Black Weirdo? 
As Zora Neale Hurston put it, "Those that don't got it, can't show it. Those that got it, can't hide it." I'm of the can't hide it variety. My parents raised me to love every facet of my blackness and that kind of self love in our society is often seen as a pathology. I'm a black weirdo 
because I don't let that stigma inhibit my existence. 

Links/Social Media

Upcoming events/ projects?
March 16th- Black Contemporary Art, Cave To Canvas & Tumblr Present:  
 New York Art Walk  

Why We Love Kimberly Drew:

Kim is one of our best friends. With style and grace (and a lil rachetness) she guides
folks through a thorough Black experience in the visual arts. Not only is she well 
versed in the work of Black artists throughout time she is constantly 
researching and gathering more knowledge to spread about Black
involvement in the art scene. She is a unique entity that is soon to 
blow your mind (if she hasn't already!)