Wednesday, February 13

Black Weirdo of the Week 2: Asia Clarke (Wild Moon)

Asia Clarke (aka The Wild Moon)

Toronto, Ontario

Mini Bio
 I am a wild woman enjoying my life in the 21st century making 
jewelry as an art passion and drinking tea everyday. I enjoy nature and all things 
mother nature creatively made,  I see myself and my jewelry line as an 
extension and an ode to the beauty of the universe and all that is. 
I am also a huge politics nerd with a keen interest in 
environmental/climate change issues.

What is your craft/career/creative expression? 
I make wearable art I call Wild Moon jewelry. Wild because 
my creativity is as innate to human experience as my natural instincts. 
Moon because I'm a cancer, Moon because it represents the cycles of time, Moon 
because it represents the WoMan that I am. I use materials like precious 
stones, wood, metals and beads to put out my feelings into pieces. 
I usually name what I make after the 
feeling that I needed to address, or a person who inspired  
me that day. For example some popular pieces 
I have are named CRIME, FORGIVENESS, QUEEN, etc. I believe my 
pieces therein hold the power of my emotion and good intention and
 I believe people feel that when they wear it.

How long have you been working at your craft? 
I began making WM jewelry in 2010 and it has been a unique evolution of style, 
technique and a little bit of magIc that has got WM jewelry blooming like it has.
 Although I have been making a buzz and people are really noticing my 
work in and around Toronto I keep it very low key, doing events here and 
there and selling my jewelry in select Toronto boutiques such as 
Pretty Freedom (@prettyfreedom), Tabula Rasa (@tabularasatweet) 
and Untitled & Co (@untitledandco)

Why do you consider yourself a Black Weirdo? 
I am a black weirdo because I live to deconstruct whatever you 
thought about black girls, whatever you thought about jewelry, 
whatever you thought about art, and whatever you thought 
about what it means to be a creative person in this age
 because I just do it all my own way. I have my own unique story, 
I am not solely defined by my blackness but I definitely wear my skin with 
pride everyday and I adorn myself with the jewelry I made as a testament to 
my uniqueness and my self-love. I am myself a work of Mother Natures art. 
And I feel grateful that in sharing Wild Moon Jewelry 
I can transmit that power to others.

Links/Social Media: 
Instagram: @wild_moon
Twitter: @thewildmoon 

Upcoming events/ projects?
Look out for clothing line this summer!

Why We Love Asia Clarke & Wild Moon:
Asia creates unique, organic and free pieces that show depth and thought. 
The energy she places in her work can be felt. As owners of several 
of her items that we wear quite often, we look forward 
seeing what she comes up with next.