Wednesday, February 6

Black Weirdo of the Week 1: King Britt

King James Britt


Mini Bio
a sound architect, who builds song from divine frequencies

What is your craft/career/creative expression? 
Music producer/DJ/Afrofuturist

How long have you been working at your craft? 
Since 82

Why do you consider yourself a Black Weirdo? 
Its all relative...I consider normal weird....

Links/Social Media
Upcoming events/ projects?
I am working on my science fiction album under the guise Fhloston Paradigm for 
Hyperdub and an African album with Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces

Why We Love King Britt:

He's been in the world for centuries but is very calm with that knowledge. 
This can be heard in his solo and collaborative projects. 
He's always moving, with new shows coming up all over the world.