Wednesday, August 5

Move on UP!

Hello lovelys!
Yes it is true! We are moving!!! When? September 1st. Where? To the Bay Area. Why? Because we love you all and think Seattle needs to expand baby!!!

I have to say THANK YOU for coming out to our shows, buying our cds, listening to us on KEXP and reading about us in the newspapers! Thank you for calling, texting, instant messaging, myspace messaging, and tweeting us! AND THANK YOU FOR LOVING AND EXPERIENCING US! We've had a chance to work/play with some of the town's finest and at some of the town fanciest spots. And it's all because of you guys! You are all very sexy and gross all at the same time!

That being said we have only THREE SHOWS LEFT in Seattle and one in Bellingham! So don't miss out!

August 6th @ High Dive w/ Fatal Lucciauno 8pm 21+ $7
August 14th @ Blue Moon w/ Redwood Plan 10pm 21+ $5
August 22nd @ Hidmo (Going Away/Bday Party) 8pm ALL AGES!!
August 29th @ The Rogue w/ No-Fi Soul Rebellion (Bellingham) 10pm


And check out our recent tracks with:
Champagne Champagne "Magnetic Blackness"

They Live "Whitney"

The Physics "Radiohead"

Until we meet again!

Space be with you.