Thursday, July 23

Dear Michael

Dear Michael,

I'm sorry it took so long for me to write I'm still shook up from it all I guess. It came so suddenly but you can't really prepare yourself for death. There are questions and opinions flying through the air about why you left but I feel like we have an understanding.

The world is mourning you in so many different ways. Some people have designed clothing, banners, websites, mixtapes in dedication to you. Other's have denounced you, continue to call you weird, wacko jacko, arguing over your grave. Nonetheless whether it be positive or negative the vibes are still there and we ALL miss you.

I'm not able to play some of your songs: Never Can Say Goodbye, Gone Too Soon, Man in the Mirror, Human Nature... I get too sad. I have been listening and dancing around my room to your "Party Starters." You KNEW how to get the party started I swear! I copped the Victory Tour live album and it's nice to hear you live. You have so much energy and crowd control. You love your audience just as much as they love you. Your interaction with your brothers is admirable. Your ad-libs are funny as hell. Very unique, very YOU.

I thank you so much for giving your all. For dedicating your entire life to music. I will do my best to do the same. To be timeless, to be classic, to be epic, to be groundbreaking, to be barrier-breaking, to be bold, to be fearless, and most importantly to be MYSELF.

I know you are at peace. Finally.

Love you,