Thursday, November 13



All of these photos were taken at a bus stop by my school.

This week has been ultra coolio! Our cardigans came in so we had our "Black Power Holiday" photoshoot with Suzy Hu. I will post the pictures when I get them. But please hit up the Ultra Coolio myspace and check out her jackets they are freaking fancier than the rest. And Get @ Suzy Hu for photography in the NorthWest.

"My jacket"

We are almost done with greatly anticipated mixtape "That's Wierd." Sweat and tears have definitely gone into this project. At this point I don't care who likes it! Hahahaha (Actually it would be nice if people liked it.) I think we have 2 songs left to do! In the mean time check out the "Hi freestyle" on our page, if you want the track I will send it to you.

"Cat hard at work on our baby"

We went to taco tuesday at the WildRose. I dunno what they put in those tacos crack or something, but they are exquisite. They are fantastic. First of all they are only $1, that automatically means I am guaranteed 5 of them bad-boys. Plus the garlic flavor in the salsa is really bold but not overpowering. Also the crunch of the taco shell combined with the soft cheddar cheese makes for a great texture. You add in a $2 Budlight Lime, and you're set.

Tonight we are going to finish the mixtape once and for all. Pulling an all nighter @ Danny's. I'll hit y'all up later. Have a great rest of the week my lovely earth bound creatures.

Space is the place,