Tuesday, October 28


The performance was very well received. We sang 3 songs (Hella Fitzgerald, Early Bird, and Wee Sound Weird) and I could actually see people listening to everything we were saying. They reacted to all the punchlines. I thought that was very refreshing because usually people just gig to the beat without getting the message. I loved every second of it. What a great audience. I can't wait to perform again. There's a special feeling I get when I'm on stage -cause right before I go out there i'm completely on edge, but when I get up there all the nerves, pain, and stress go away. It's nice.

Nice like my guy J.Red

Next performance Dec. 5th, we will have a live band (drums, keys, bass). Live sound is way better than tracks. Step your game up and get some musicians to learn your songs and groove em.


If you haven't peeped it yet check out the new track we put on our myspace its called "Hi freestyle." The people wanted more and since we pushed back our mixtape, we had to give you a taste of who were are. I made the beat on the new XR20 we just purchased. Cat thinks I should sell beats, I dunno if I'm that filthy yet, but I prolly will when I get a better understanding of the machines.

Got to be going, I have WAY too much reading, it's a good read tho;

Have a good night.
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