Wednesday, April 3

Black Weirdo of The Week 9: DJ Rimarkable

photo credit: Sherley Camille Olopherne

 DJ Rimarkable
Brooklyn via Detroit

Mini Bio: 
Redefining the word “remix”, Mariaelena “Ri Ri” Garcia, aka DJ Rimarkable is a renaissance woman indeed. A DJ, producer, drummer, vocalist, writer and instructor, her multiple talents have taken her to many stages. Truly mastering the DJ technique of “Reading the Crowd”, she has earned the moniker, “Rimarkable” after rocking international dance floors for more than a decade. She has shared the bill with such music icons as Meshell Ndegeocello, Les Nubians, Toshi Reagon 
and THEESatisfaction, to name a few.  She is based in the Brooklyn, NYC 
area where she holds several DJ residencies, is the creator and 
instructor for the groundbreaking DJ instructional series, "The Alchemy of DJing" and runs her own creative umbrella company, Rimarkable Things.

What is your craft/career/creative expression? 
Music, Dance, Cuisine, Film, Theater and all things Rimarkable

How long have you been working at your craft? 
officially...16 years in April 2013.  unofficially...several lifetimes
Why do you consider yourself a Black Weirdo? 
I like to think of "weird" in the context of "different'.  I am a spiritual engineer.  It is my belief and practice to orchestrate a spiritual experience in everything I offer artistically/vocationally. Be it with food or music, people leave me in charge of their bodies when i am working.  I choose to nourish the soul as it is relating to the body/senses, for those open to it, thus, engineering the spiritual experience.  I think a little possession goes a long way towards the avenues of healing.  On top of all that, I love math, classic rock and can sing pretty much any theme song to any TV show airing in the 80s or 90s.
Links/Social Media: 
Twitter: @djrimarkable   
Other Sites:
Upcoming events/ projects?
Spring/early Summer release of a Rimarkable music project, The "i am rimarkable" self-empowerment campaign, and a nasty, sweet, 2013 of Rimarkable DJ appearances in NYC and abroad.

Why We Love DJ Rimarkable:

We first experienced Ri Ri at a late night ladies dance party in Bed Stuy, she played so many jams they had to pry us off the dance floor. She has a warm spirit and has always been a tastemaker.