Thursday, March 11


An "Unofficial" SXSW Day Party
Saturday, March 20th (Noon - 6:00pm)

Main Stage:
Visqueen - 12:00pm
The Moondoggies - 1:00pm
The Lonely Forest - 2:00pm
Rocky Votolato - 3:00pm
The Dutchess and the Duke - 4:00pm
The Cave Singers - 5:00pm

Inside Stage:
Staxx Bros - 12:30pm
Grand Hallway - 1:30pm
The Maldives - 2:30pm

Hip Hop Showcase:
Dark Time Sunshine - 3:30pm
Thee Satisfaction - 3:50pm
Macklemore - 4:10pm
Grynch - 4:30pm
Mash Hall - 4:50pm
Dyme Def - 5:10pm