Saturday, October 31

THEE Answers

Q&A's from our lovely family, friends, and fans.

Q: How did ya'll get so crazy, sexy & cool wit it?- Seven Davis Jr.

Stas: It was never anything I've had to acquire, Cat your thoughts?
Cat: This is how I do! This is how I do!!! THIS IS HOW I DO!!!

Q: What planet are you from?- Seven Davis Jr.

Stas: I'm not quite sure, see we were aborted and deported. Then they erased our memories. So now our mission is to regain what was lost. Alls I know is that we are not from Earth, cause this place sucks beautiful ass.
Cat: My planet is known as "Mars" I would tell you the original name but your human sounds and tones are incapable of replicating it.

Q: How do you like your eggs?- Sasha Ife Sobers-Outlaw

Stas: Scrambled with Cheese
Cat: Cooked

Q: How did you's meet?- Onry Ozzborn

Stas: I'll take this one Cat, It was a warm-cold spring evening at an open microphone (RETRO @ the Ethnic Cultural Theatre). One of my queer comrades [Taylor] and I were looking for easy entertainment and hoping to mack on some fees. We arrived early and sat near the front row. As the place began to fill up we noticed some average looking females, some alright females. At this point in my life I was what you would call "THE SHIT," niggas were hating because their girls were intrigued by THEE and girls were aroused & they didn't realize that they liked girls until THEE. But this is all beside the point.

The show began and this Black Goddess approached the mic. She had a great Afro, she had a great booty... I mean body... and then she started singing. Now, my ears are very seasoned. I listen to the likes of Ella, Billie, Sarah, Anita, Chaka, Erykah, Lauryn & Jill and I don't f*ck with none of that female R&B garbage bully, but when Cat approached the mic I received chills. The kind of chills you get when you catch a holy spirit. It excited me: the vibrations of her tone, her lower range, the roughness to her voice. I could tell that she'd been through alot, her voice had a struggle behind it. She was a jazz singer and I had to have her. She started singing a freestyle a "torn between two lovers" deal, but then I noticed that she kept looking in the direction of Taylor and I. So we started to argue about which one of us she was referring to, but let's just say I won.

Shortly after the show we exchanged contact information and we started dating. THEE end.

Q: Who would win if you's arm wrestled L handed?- Onry Ozzborn

Stas: Stas, easy.
Cat: Stas, easy.

stay tuned for more,