Saturday, September 5

Life Changing EVENTS!!!

This Album Changed My Life
Gracias, Ms. Muldrow

Favorite tracks:
ROSES the chords are beautiful, dramatic, victorious and thought provoking. I love how she works her harmonies cause you can never follow them but the make sense. Simple head nod drums give it the perfect bounce. Then the synth comes in after the chorus and takes a journey. I heard the one with Mos Def before this one, but I prefer this one because the space in between lyrics gives me time to think and hear. CHORDS CHORDS CHORDS = The way to my heart.

Caracas bump bump da dump dah dump daah ba dump baaaaaaaah. Filthy. She speaks. I think every black artist mentioned Obama in their album if it dropped this year. I'm really interested in the critique and I def feel her. "Colonialism is the culprit" I like the high harmony it's sexy. DAMN THIS SONG IS SOOOO DOPE NIGGA! The bass beats you up side your head it's also frumpy. (I like frumpy!)

E.S.P this is a touching song about her daughter. A mother's love eminates from the song and I especially love how she calls her "African Princess." The sweetness and sincerity of this track is evident. If I had a daughter I'd play this song for her every night before she went to bed.