Saturday, August 8


Gracias for the love spreading.

Yesterday's blizzard inspired Seattle scribes to interpret Snow Motion:

"Today they've released their long-awaited Snow Motion mixtape. I've been listening to it over the past two days and it's a very eclectic project. If you've watched them perform lately, their songs are on a completely different level lyrically than they were a few months ago." MORE

-Jonathan Cunningham of Seattle Weekly

"These girls are on fire lately and to cool everyone off with this. I think it has come at a great time for them and for the music in this city. These ladies come with a cosmic laid back science that only few could pull off. With no drums on "That'd Be Rude" these girls transcend hip hop into psychedelia into one good high." MORE

- Terry Radjaw (MAD RAD) of Out for Stardom

"What jerk won't appreciate "Snow Motion"? Local girlfriend duo THEESatisfaction's pure-heartedness shines on its second recorded release like a trusty headlamp, as Cat (singer) and Stasia (um...floeticizer?) spelunk through mid-fi hiphop pastiche, art-school ambitions, and predominant lyrical themes of death, blackness, outer space and sexuality." MORE

- Andrew Matson of Seattle Times

Once again, thank you thank you thank you.