Saturday, November 29

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Dear THEESatisfaction fans-followers-friends-family,

Our dearest apologies for the mixtape not being available on Thanksgiving Day. We also apologize to the people who came out to Waid's open mic. We were just as devastated if not more. We have been working on this project for about 2 years. We wrote all the lyrics, made all the beats, and calculated every arrangement. We feel as artist that it is very important to learn every aspect of creating an album. We bought studio equipment, beat machines, and learned everything from scratch. The process was bananas. We thought we had everything ready to go on Thanksgiving Eve but we realized that we had been doing destructive recording that had completely destroyed all the songs. We had to re-record ALL of the songs on Thanksgiving.

BUT... We are now FINISHED with the mixtape, it will be available for download all week long. We appreciate your patience and support for us. Thank you thank you thank you.